Tuesday, December 05, 2006

More Walt Disney World thoughts

I've been playing around with All Ears Net's Menus from around the World - it lists ALL of the dining establishments at WDW and their complete menus. This link is a must to plan on where we should eat. I have zero interest in the usual park fare like burgers, hot dogs, etc. One of the best parts of travelling for us are the great restaurants that we get to try and the wonderful food!

I've finished making all of our shirts for our trip. This year, I made 11 red, long sleeved tees and 11 gold, long sleeved tees for us to wear on designated days. Here's what the designs look like:

I've also stumbled on the Transportation Calculator at Our Laughing Place. Handy to figure out how to get somewhere although from the Saratoga Springs, most everything is accessible via bus only.
Another great resource that I've been using is the Disney Vacation message board at iVillage. Lots of great ladies with fantastic knowledge of all things Disney.

I stopped by Walgreens today to pick up a "20 Q" game. What a cute little game - about the size of a softball but flat for $12.99 - it asks you questions and tries to read your mind. I read a tip on a newsletter that this would help pass the time in line, if there are any. I tried "banana" and stumped it right off the bat. Maybe my "yes", "no", "sometimes", and "unknown" answers were a little off. LOL. According to Ridemax, though, we should have no more than a 30-40 minute wait on any ride/attraction.

So far, I have everything spread out in the guest bedroom and will pack everyone up tonight since we'll be leaving right after work tomorrow evening to head out to the city. Our flight leaves at 0630 on Thursday morning so I thought it would be easier to stay overnight instead of driving the 1.5 hours that morning. I've got my new toy (bought on Black Friday) - an Insignia MP3 Video player loaded with all of my songs and even a few movies to watch. I figure 3 pairs of jeans per person should suffice. We have an assortment of t-shirts, fleece shirts, and our long-sleeved tees. Rain gear will be essential as we haven't been to Disney in December before without hitting some rain. I picked up some small bottles of laundry detergent and dish soap at the Dollar Tree as well as some cheap fleece gloves for the kids (in case they get lost then I won't be heart broken). A light jacket is probably all we'll need for outwear - preferably waterproof.
I've gotten into pin trading in the last few years and will take along my pins and lanyards. I got on eBay and bought a bunch of "traders". My little sister is also into pin trading and got me a new pin trader book to store my pins in. I guess I didn't realize how many pins I had until I put them into the book. I've also been collecting pins for Amina (princesses esp Sleeping Beauty) and for Rhys (planes, trains, automobiles, soccer, etc). Myself, I'm looking for more Doc pins but those are hard to come by. I'll definitely need to get a Saratoga Springs pin this year.

Unfortunately, it looks like I won't get my customized commemorative maps before I leave tomorrow. Oh well. I ordered them about 3 weeks ago but I've heard that it can take slightly longer than that to receive them. Looks like I also won't get the 1 GB XD card that I ordered for my camera either. They're on backorder from OfficeMax even though I placed my order at Thanksgiving. I always take my laptop to download pictures, though, and will probably spring for the internet connection so maybe I can blog while I'm out there and download my pics to Smugmug.
We're so close! Lots more to do tonight between packing and planning.