Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bunco for Backpacks - FAQs

1. When is the big event?

Thursday, February 12th, 2009

2. Where will the game be held?

Cimarron Montessori School - 419 West Maple. The game will be held in the gym. The entrance is on the West side of the school. Limited parking is located on the North and West side of the school. Parking is also available on the South side of the school.

3. Why are we playing?

This event will be a fundraiser organized by Amina Switzer and Hannah Esquibel as a part of their Girl Scout Bronze Award.

The Girl Scout Bronze Award, the highest honor a Junior Girl Scout can earn, requires her to learn the leadership and planning skills necessary to follow through on a project that makes a positive impact on her community. Working towards this award demonstrates her commitment to helping others, improving her community and the world, and becoming the best she can be.

4. What will the money be used for?

The proceeds will be used to purchase food items used in the Food 4 Kids backpack program through the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma.

An emergency food assistance program of the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, Food 4 Kids is designed especially for elementary age children. Chronically hungry children identified by school personnel receive a backpack filled with non-perishable, child-friendly food for over the weekend or a school holiday.

Amina and Hannah will purchase food items to be donated to the program and will travel to Oklahoma City to visit the Food Bank and to participate in assembling the backpacks for distribution.

5. What time does the game start/end?

Our event will start at 6:30 with light snacks and drinks. Game play will start at around 7 pm. We will likely play 3 games of 5 rounds each and hope to finish by 9 pm.

6. How do you play bunco?

The official game instructions/rules for our game are posted here: During the game, Amina and Hannah will be in charge of the Head Table and Eve will be the official referee.

7. How much will it cost?

Players are asked to make a minimum donation of $10 but may donate more if they wish. Even if you can't play, donations are certainly welcome.

8. What do I need to bring?

Just your donation and fun-loving excitement! Cash is preferred. We'll take care of the food, drinks, and game supplies. Bunco is an easy game to play and especially fun with an enthusiastic group.

9. Will there be prizes awarded?

Prizes will be awarded for the most wins, losses, baby buncos, and wipeouts. The grand prize of the evening will be a Chinese dinner for 2 at the home of Eve and Seth Switzer (date to be determined later) for the player who rolls the most buncos. In the event of a tie, there will be a roll-off.

10. How do I get on the confirmed players list?

Call 580-237-9939 to RSVP or email:

11. How many players will there be?

We will have 4 groups of 3 tables each - 48 players total.

12. What if I can't make it or have to cancel?

Please email Eve ( as soon as possible.

13. Can I bring a friend?

Game seats will be limited. Players are encouraged to bring friends but must have their friend's name confirmed as a player by 9 February 2009 to guarantee a seat. We may not be able to accomodate walk-up players.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bunco for Backpacks - Official Instructions and Rules

Bunco for Backpacks
12 February 2009
Rules of the Game

Players are seated 4 to a table. There will be 12 tables total: 4 groups of 3 tables each (high, middle, and low tables). One Head Table will control all 12 tables. Select a player to keep score for the entire table. A game will consist of 5 rounds (2's thru 6's). Players earn points by rolling the three dice. In each round, players are trying to roll the target number. During the first round you roll for 2's, second round 3's, etc. The OBJECTIVE is for you and your partner (the person sitting across from you) to roll more of the target number than the other team when the Head Table rings the bell.

To begin - someone at the Head Table rings the bell to start the round. All tables begin rolling for the target number.

One point is awarded to the TEAM for each target number rolled successfully. Five points are awarded to the TEAM for rolling three of a kind of any number except the current target number (a baby bunco). For example, rolling three 5's in round 3 earns 5 points. BUNCO! is called when rolling 3 of a kind of the target number. For example, rolling three 3's when the target number is 3. Rolling BUNCO is worth 21 points for the TEAM, but the player has to yell it out to get credit for it. Record all Buncos and baby Buncos on the bottom of only your scorecard (not your partner’s). Rolling three 1’s is a WIPEOUT. All points accumulated during that round for the TEAM are wiped out and play rotates to the next player. Record all wipeouts at the bottom of your scorecard.

A player’s turn ends when they no longer roll (1) a target number, (2) a baby bunco, (3) a bunco, or (4) when they roll a wipeout.

As soon as a team from the head table reaches 21 points, they ring the bell ending the round for EVERYONE. Players currently rolling finish their turn. The winning team is the team with the most points at the end of the round. Record the round as a win (W) or loss (L) on your scorecard.

Players will ROTATE after 5 rounds (after numbers 2 – 6 are played). The LOSING team from the HIGH TABLE leaves and goes to the low table. The WINNERS stay. The LOSING teams from the middle and low table STAY at their tables & the WINNERS move up a table.

You cannot have the same partner twice in a row. So switch when you switch tables.

Prizes will be awarded for the most wins, most losses, most baby buncos, and most wipeouts. The grand prize of the evening will be awarded for the most buncos. In the event of a tie, a roll-off with a single die for the highest number will determine the winner.

Bunco For Backpacks

Plans for Amina's Bunco For Backpacks fundraiser are well underway! We currently have 26 of 48 players confirmed to play and have 1/2 a dozen people lined up to be "backup" players in case we have any empty seats. The big event will be on Thursday, February 12th, 6:30 pm at the Cimarron Montessori School gym. We're planning on 12 tables - 4 groups of 3 tables. Players will be asked to make a minimum $10 donation. We're planning on having snack foods (sandwiches, girl scout cookies, fruit/veggie trays, brownies, cookies, etc), punch, and water. Tables will be decorated with a Valentine theme and each player will receive a "goody bag". We're planning on playing 3 rounds. The grand prize for the most buncos will be a Chinese dinner for 2 at our house (Amina will help cook, of course). Boxes of Girl Scout cookies will be the prizes for the most wins, losses, baby buncos, and wipeouts.

Amina is planning on taking the proceeds from her fundraiser and buying food for the Backpacks for Kids program through the OKC Food Bank which also provides backpacks full of food for Enid area children. We're hoping to take the food to the Food Bank and then helping them put together the backpacks. Amina designed an invitation and invited our bunco group as well as teachers and students/parents from Cimarron. I've contacted 2 other bunco groups in town as well as my FaceBook friends and invited others via email. Amina and I have worked on her "game plan" and we still have a lot of planning/legwork to do before the big game. We also found out that Etown magazine is interested in attending Amina's event and doing a story in the March issue about bunco. Amina's pretty excited about that.