Friday, February 27, 2009

Bunco For Backpacks - pictures and final results

February's bunco game was a special game hosted by Amina, Hannah Esquibel, Eve, and Deborah as a fundraiser for Amina and Hannah's Girl Scout bronze award.

Instructions and FAQs were posted online before the game. We had a total of 48 players at Cimarron Montessori School's gymnasium. The theme was "Valentine" and tables were decorated with red table cloths and Valentine themed centerpieces. "Goody bags" were filled with Valentine candy and other table favors included mini backpacks and notepads from the Food Bank.

Rhys volunteered to sell girl scout cookies before and after the game.

Players snacked before the game on chicken salad sandwiches, salad, pinwheels, bacon swirls, chips/queso, seasoned pretzels, chex mix, brownies, cookies, veggies/dip, and lemonade.

Carla Burdick, field executive for the Tumbleweed Service Unit of Girl Scouts spoke followed by Gail Wynne, volunteer for the Food 4 Kids program.

A writer and photographer from eTown magazine also attended and interviewed Amina for an upcoming article.

The game started at about 7 pm with a single head table controlling all 12 tables.

Players sitting on specially marked chairs got to take home the table centerpiece.

Game Stats

Most Wins (winner of handmade trophy): Larry Janzen
Most Losses (winner of handmade trophy): Jina Kapka
Most Baby Buncos (winner of 2 boxes of girl scout cookies): LaDonna Long
Most Wipeouts (winner of 2 boxes of girl scout cookies): Nikki Johnston
Most Buncos (winner of the grand prize, home-cooked Chinese dinner for 2): Bev Schneider

Amina and Hannah raised almost $600 (after expenses) and will use the money to buy food items for the Regional Food Bank's Food 4 Kids backpack program and donate the items to the Food Bank. Special thanks to everyone who helped plan, buy, set-up and cook for our game and to everyone who donated extra money making this fundraiser even more successful than we had hoped!

In March, Eve and Lisa will be representing our bunco group at the World Bunco Championships in Las Vegas. Our next game will be on Tuesday, April 14th at Beth Young's house. Karen will be co-hosting. The theme will be "Teddy Bears' Picnic" so bring your favorite furry friend and dress "Casual, picnic wear".